What is Acne?

Acne, zit, pimple...words dreaded by many! Acne lesions, or "pimples", happen when the hair follicles or pores on the skin become blocked with oil and dead skin cells creating the ideal place for bacteria to grow and cause the red and pus-filled bumps known as pimples. Most commonly found in areas like your face, neck, and upper part of the body.

Controlling Acne

Acne affects many teenagers and adults as well. It is dreaded by most who suffer from it. Clearing acne begins by understanding what acne really is and what triggers it. Here at the Triangle Skin Center our skin care professionals will guide you through the best treatment regimen tailored for your skin.

What Causes Acne?

The cause of acne is not known yet; however, doctors believe that there are many different factors that cause acne. Increase in hormone levels is one of the main factors. These hormones, known as androgens, cause the sebaceous glands to grow and produce more sebum. Genetics and heredity are another factor causing acne. It is believed by researchers that the propensity of developing acne can be hereditary. For instance, it has been concluded in studies that several school-age boys that have acne actually have inherited it according to their family history. Environment and stress may also contribute to the development and severity of acne. Acne can persist for years and result in permanent scarring. However, treatment of active acne lesions may reduce potential acne scarring that can occur in severe cases.

Acne Myths

Myth: Popping your pimples is the best way to get rid of them

Wrong! Stay away from that mirror! Popping your pimples pushes germs further under your skin, which can cause more redness, pain and infection. Popping zits can lead to scarring, which could last forever.

Myth: Stress causes acne

Nope! The normal everyday stress doesn't cause acne. If you're going through an especially stressful period in your life, your skin may produce more oil, also known as sebum but that doesn't mean you'll get more zits.

Myth: Tanning clears up acne

Toasting under the sun does nothing to improve or get rid of your acne. Spending time outside makes your skin become darker, the redness caused by acne may be less noticeable for a little while, but when you lose color, you will see your zits again. Exposure to sun without proper protection can dry, burn and irritate your skin increasing risks of developing wrinkles and skin cancer.

Myth: You can get rid of acne by washing your face often

Over washing or scrubbing too often or too hard can dry out and irritate your skin, which only makes acne worse. Washing your face no more than twice a day with a mild soap or cleanser is good because it helps remove dead skin cells, excess oils, and dirt from the surface. Pat your skin with a clean soft towel and steer clear of scrubs, which can irritate your pimples.

Myth: That is what you get for eating junk!

We encourage healthy eating habits at the Skin Center of the triangle, but no connection has been found between acne and poor diets. After numerous studies, experts have concluded that candy and food have no relation and that chocolate, pizza, french-fries and other junk foods have absolutely no connection to acne.