Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are common flesh-colored skin growths. These growths that can vary in number from one to hundreds and some may fall off spontaneously but most persist once they are formed. Skin tags are very common and usually occur after midlife.

Skin tags can be present on any part of the surface of the body but most commonly in areas where skin may rub against skin or external materials (clothing). You may typically notice more skin tags on:

Axillae (armpits)
Under the breasts
Upper chest

Do not try removing a skin tag on your own, particularly if it is large. Skin tags have blood vessels so they will bleed and could become infected if a person uses non-sterile equipment to remove them. Fingernail polish and wart remover are designed for use on hard skin, like nails or warts and they are not the kinds of things to use on a skin tag.

To avoid infection, scarring and unnecessary pain, our qualified medical personnel can remove skin tags quickly and with very little discomfort right in the office. They might snip the tag off with sharp, sterile scissors (our preferred method), freeze them or burn them with a special solution. If the tag is small enough, you will feel no more than a pinprick, but if it is larger, your provider will inject or rub on a numbing medication so you do not feel it. All mentioned procedures are ambulatory and require no to minimal down time.